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Crystal Lemus

Crystal Lemus.jpg

A true Texan through and through, Crystal was born and raised in East Texas. These days, you can find her calling the vibrant DFW area her home. Crystal is a dedicated part-time graduate student, diligently working towards a Master's degree in City & Regional Planning, armed with a strong foundation in the field of Architecture.

In January 2022, Crystal embarked on a new chapter in her professional journey by becoming a valued member of the Permit Solutions team. Her remarkable adaptability shines through as she fearlessly tackles a diverse array of projects, ranging from the intricacies of smaller pool permits to the complexities of rezoning cases.

A perpetual advocate for self-improvement, Crystal continually seeks opportunities to enhance her skill set, actively engaging with organizations closely aligned with her field of study. When not immersed in her work or studies, Crystal relishes her time outdoors, finding joy in the simple pleasures of nature. Conversely, she also knows the importance of a well-deserved rest, cherishing those moments when she can stay in and catch up on some rejuvenating sleep.

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