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  • What is the pricing for a permit?
    We structure our permit services with a flat fee system, a strategic approach that ensures the simplicity of our accounting procedures. This method also empowers our clients to deliver more precise and transparent cost estimates to their own customers. It's important to clarify that our permit fees exclusively cover the cost of our services and do not encompass any submission fees imposed by the jurisdiction. The complete fee is required upfront, upon submission of the permit application, and our policy dictates that no refunds will be provided. Additionally, it's worth noting that the specific flat fee for a project depends on the project's type, given its unique characteristics. We also extend the benefit of discounts to clients who engage our services for a high volume of permits, recognizing their commitment and ongoing partnership.
  • Will I always deal with the same person?
    We have 3 members in our staff today (10/2023), the project will be overseen by a main manager, you will be assigned a Permit Coordinator who will be your main point of contact. If that person is out of town or out sick for an extended period of time, another staff member will take over the project to ensure your project is not delayed.
  • Do you provide drafting service?
    While we don't have an in-house draftsman, we've established valuable partnerships with two highly reputable local firms that can provide you with the necessary drafting services. It's important to note that we do not receive any commission for making these referrals; our satisfaction lies in the positive experiences and successful collaborations we've had with these firms. Micah Jacobson - On Demand Drafting - ATX Drafting -
  • What is the process?
    Permit Solutions will help you determine the type of permit you need for your project. We will then determine what documents are needed for submittal. The client will need to provide the plans, elevations, structural drawings and any other applicable document(s). Once we have worked together to gather the documents needed to submit, we will take care of gathering any signature(s) needed from City departments (i.e. health department, Austin Energy, Austin Water, etc.), help fill out any necessary applications, etc. We will submit the application and see it though the plan review process. This is a very simple answer to a complicated process. Every project will require different things, however we will make sure to work with your individual needs to see the project through.
  • How long does it take to get a permit?
    Once more, it's crucial to emphasize that the timeline for obtaining a permit is distinct for each individual case. The duration required to secure a permit is subject to several variables, including your progress in the planning phase, the specific permit category required, and the efficiency of our collaborative efforts in preparing all essential documentation for submission.
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